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Our Menu

At Graze we offer a variety of prime cut burgers from our own locally owned family farm in Elizabeth, Co. Along with burgers we have hand-crafted salads, green chili, sandwhiches, appetizers and homemade desserts.








Pork Green Chili- cup- 4.00 bowl- 6.00


Vegetarian Green Chili- cup- 3.00 bowl- 5.00





Fried Mac n' Cheese-6.00

-creamy tomato sauce


Deviled Eggs- 6.00

-bacon, pickled jalapeno, paprika


Jalapeno Poppers- 7.00

-cream cheese, fruit jam


Poutine- 7.00

-confit pork, cheese curds,

brown gravy, fries


Olive Tapenade- 8.00

house sourdough, goat cheese




Parmesan Truffle Fries

small- 4.00  large- 6.00


Sweet Potato Fries- 2.00

French Fries- 2.00



add chicken for 2.00 or make it a side salad for 4.00


Graze Seasonal Salad- 8.00

-pears, roast beets, pomegranate, candied walnuts, blue cheese, cider vinaigrette


Strawberry Fields-8.00

-grilled strawberries, goat cheese, candied nuts,  

dried cranberries, vinaigrette


Classic Cobb- 7.00

-tomato, avacodo, egg, blue cheese, bacon, red wine vinaigrette


Caesar- 6.00

-lemon, parmesean, herbed croutons




all of our burgers are organically farmed from our family farm in Elizabeth. they are 7 oz patties and served on a biroche or a gluten-free bun. turkey burgers and chicken breast are also available


Graze Burger- 7.00

-cheddar, romaine, tomato, onion


Guacamole Burger- 9.00

-guac, jack cheese, jalapeno, fried egg


BBQ Shoestring Burger- 9.00

- crispy fried onions, bacon, cheddar, maple bbq


Veggie Burger- 9.00

-spicy black bean patty, pesto, swiss, roast onions and peppers


Shroomin' Burger- 8.00

-carmelized mushrooms, bacon, cheddar, swiss


Bacon and Blue- 7.99

-bacon and blue cheese


Horsey Burger- 7.00

-horseradish cream, bacon, swiss


Patty Melt- 8.00

-house toast, swiss, kraut, tomato, roast onions


Green Chili Burger- 9.00

-herbed cream cheese, jack cheese, smothered in green chili


Bronco Burger- 11.00

-double patty, fried jalapenos, bacon, mushrooms, swiss, jack, cheddar


Jamminburger- 8.00

-house peanut butter, house jam, grilled onions, bacon


Nacho Burger-8.00

-Chorizo, cheese sauce, tortilla strips,

tomato, roasted chillies



Other Fav's

some of our other favorite dishes, just in case you are not in the mood for a burger, check back often, there are still more to come...


Lone Tree Cheesesteak- 9.00

- ribeye, roast onions, jalepenos, peppers, cheddar, jack, horsey sauce


Hot Ham and Cheese- 7.00

-honey dijon, arugula, swiss, cheddar


Baked Mac n' Cheese-8.00

- parmesean breadcrumbs


Schnitzel Sandwich- 8.00

-fried pork chop, house kraut, dijon


BLT- 7.00

- house toasr, romaine, fried tomato, avocado aioli


Saucy Sammi- 7.00

-sloppy joe, herbed cream cheese, bell peppers


Kids Menu


Kids Graze Burger- 6.00

-chedder, french fries


Kids Quesidilla- 3.00

-jack cheese


Kids Grilled Cheese- 4.00

-cheddar, french fries


Mac n' Cheese- 5.00




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